Born in Houston, Texas in 1956, Karl Muench started KVM Design in 1984 to market his gold jewelry fabrications while helping a friend expand his woodworking operations. Fate put the jewelry on the back burner as Karl worked for three different woodworking related businesses as a subcontractor until opening his own location in 1993. KVM Design currently produces high-end commercial furniture requiring non-standard elements and integration of wood, metal, plastic, glass, lighting, fabric, mechanical motion, and electrical circuits (i.e. time delay relays, lighting controls). Karl creates residential furniture designs and builds speculative pieces of furniture between corporate contracts. He accepts both small and large commissions.


Karl Muench is heavily influenced by the De Stijl aesthetic. Specifically, Mondrian and Rietveld inspire his work through the use of orthogonals, geometric components and spatial exercises in De Stijl. Karl’s two tables, De Stijl #1 and De Stijl #3, exemplify the Berlagean idea of unity in diversity. The tables are perceived as wholes, yet are composed of separate elements of formal configurations. Visually, the tables comprise a dynamic whole—a tenet of De Stijl philosophy. The clarity, harmony and restraint of the tables are reminiscent of Mondrian. The linear elements through which space flows freely illustrate his mastery of architectonics. Karl has embraced the De Stijl artistic sensibility, while rejecting it’s socialist undertones.


telephone: 713.339.4464

address: KVM design
4002 Osage
Houston, TX 77063